Under the contract of Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the group (GTM Bâtiment and Barclays Infrastructure Funds) and the Ministry of Defence for the redevelopment of the National Centre of Defence Sports (NSDC) and its facilities, the Company Accueil Partenaires, with its experience in hotel management and pilotage services at INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance), signed on 22 December 2011, a service contract with the project company SPORT QUARTER DEFENSE.

The NSDC site includes a set of 52 hectares of sports facilities, training premises and accommodation as well as medical and administrative services for education and training of athletes.

The missions of Accueil Partenaires since September 2012:

  • The steering of all catering providers, maintenance and safety and the interface with the representatives of the NSDC.
  • The coordination and management of activities on site during the construction phase (construction - operation - users).
  • Managing room reservations and access rights, optimization of occupancy, visitor reception, permanent or occasional interns and upon completion, external clients.
  • reservations management meeting rooms.
  • Maintenance of 231 rooms and 60 studios (perimeter at the end of the work).
  • The cleaning of the entire tertiary sector: offices, classrooms, medical, amphitheater, sports facilities.
  • The maintenance of green spaces.
  • The collection of site waste.



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